Gettin’ Fit With……Temptation!


Week 1                                 Week 10


Week 1                                  Week 10

I have now completed 10 weeks of training…….only 13 more to go!  I am down 11.8 pounds with a weight of 132 pounds and 13% body fat.  I am now starting to get fairly lean, as you can see from the photos—I hope!?  And, yes I will say it again, I have done this without doing any cardio!!  For whatever reason, it still amazes me that I have done this well losing weight and body fat without cardio.  I am lifting weights 5 days a week, but most of my workouts are around 45-55 minutes long.  Once again, it just shows how important your food intake is with any training or weight loss program.  This past week, my trainer changed my macros (Protein, Carb, and Fat grams) quite a bit.  I am now on 2 higher carb days (Mondays and Thursdays) and 5, yes 5, lower carb days.  Whew—it has definitely been a bit more challenging.  I found myself living for Monday and Thursday!

WIth that said, let’s move on to temptation….as in lots of food temptations.  And, boy, have there been a ton of temptations for me this past week!  My two older sons came home from college this past week for their Spring break.  One thing we really enjoy doing together as a family is dining out.  Asheville has so many wonderful restaurants, so the boys love hitting all of their favorites when they are in town.  We ate at Fig (American Bistro), Curate (Spanish Tapas), White Duck Taco (unique yummy tacos), Sol Y Luna (fresh Mexican), and Apollo Flame (great subs/salads/pastas) just to mention a few.  Oh, and did I mention Scully’s (pub fare)–we were there all of last weekend during the SoCon Basketball Tournament.  And guess what, I was able to eat with them at every one of these places.  I was able to find something that worked within my macros.  It took a little more planning my meals for the day, but it was definitely doable.  At the Mexican restaurant, I ordered the shrimp kabobs and had enough carbs and fat left for the day to enjoy some refried beans.  I know what you are thinking (especially my friend, Beverly), that’s not really my idea of Mexican food either, but I made it work!  Our waiter at Curate was very helpful in assisting me on what to order. I was able to order the sautéed shrimp and Iberico smoked grilled pork–both were delicious!  If you will nicely let the waitstaff know your situation, as in needing low carb high protein food choices, they are usually very accommodating and helpful–especially in Asheville!

My oldest son, Ben, is a senior Textiles Engineering Major at NC State and will be graduating in May.  He received a job offer this week to teach English in Spain. We are so excited for him!  So, at White Duck Taco, he ordered a margarita to celebrate his job offer—I toasted him with my glass of unsweet tea instead of a margarita!  But, oh, how tempting it was to drink one with him—but I didn’t!  Then, my middle son, Matt, requested I make chicken and dumplings for dinner one night.  So, I did, but I ate leftover Apollo Flame grilled chicken with their greek salad.  On the day Matt headed back to Raleigh, he requested I make brunch which included biscuits, bacon, eggs, cheese grits, and pancakes!  So, I did, but, as usual, I ate an egg white omelet with a little cheese.  Breakfast food is one of my favorites, and I just LOVE buttermilk biscuits.  And, once again, it was so tempting!

I am very proud of myself for not caving to any of this week’s temptations-both food and alcohol!  I have to admit, one thing that has really helped me stay focused and on track in achieving my goal is this blog and the photos I share with you every other week!  As with any endeavor no matter how big or small, setting a goal and having a plan ultimately leads to success!!  I leave you with this quote from Pinterest:  “A goal without a plan is just a wish”.