Gettin’ Fit……..and Almost There!

Week 1    Week 21

Week 1                         Week 21

Week 1   Week 21

Week 1                       Week 21

Week 21     Week 21

Week 21                   Week 21

Week 1    Week 21

Week 1                 Week 21

Week 1    Week 21

Week 1                    Week 21

Week 1      Week 21

Week 1                   Week 21

I have now completed 21 weeks of my 23 weeks of training for my bodybuilding competition.  I have ONLY 2 weeks left–woo hoo!  I am down almost 25 pounds to 119 pounds!  Oh my goodness, I haven’t weighed this since graduating from high school in 1982.  I can’t tell you how amazing I feel and how excited I am to have made this much progress so far–and I have 2 weeks left!!  When I decided to train for the competition, I never ever thought I would get this lean.  When I competed 5 years ago, I weighed in at 125 pounds.  One of the main reasons I think I’m leaner this time is because the program my trainer designed for me this time is different than my program 5 years ago.  Another reason for getting leaner is because I started my training this time with so much more muscle mass due to the fact that I continued to workout and lift weights throughout these past 5 years.

I am so glad I tracked my progress this time through my blog.  It has been so important and rewarding for me to see the photos of myself and the progress I have made throughout my training.  It wasn’t until I saw today’s photos that I realized just how lean I actually am.  So I feel that I definitely will be ready to compete at my best in 2 weeks!

Please come out to cheer me on Saturday, June 13, at The Carolina Supernatural in Spartanburg, SC, at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium at 6:00pm.  I will be competing in the Women’s Open Bodybuilding and the Women’s Masters 50 and Over Bodybuilding categories and will be posing and performing my posing routine that night to “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson.


Gettin’ Focused with a Trainer…m

Betsy and Anthony3

Ok folks……it is time…..time to get focused…..with a trainer!  Tomorrow I will start my 5 month journey of training for my second bodybuilding competition.  I have been mentally preparing myself for this day to come for about 2 months now.  After my year long jubilee of eating and drinking anything and everything to celebrate my 50th, I am now ready to get focused and serious about what I am putting into my body.  I think my body is going to go into shock though!!  But, boy, it has been one heck of a ride—you only turn 50 once!  Because I have trained for a competition before, I know what to expect, but I have to admit though, at times, it can be challenging from both the food/nutrition side and the workout side.  We all love our little treats from time to time, but you just have to stay focused on your end goal—after all, it’s only 5 months, right?!.   It is amazing though how much better one feels when eating clean—–whole foods, whole grains, raw fruits, and no alcohol (or maybe a glass of champagne when my oldest son graduates this coming May with an Engineering degree form NC State and hopefully gets a job!), no white flour, no white sugar (only naturally occurring sugars), and no processed foods.  Trust me… will feel awesome!  You will sleep better and have tons of energy.  Here is a quote I found on Pinterest:  “Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.”  I hope I can inspire you to obtain your goals, specifically your fitness goals.  Trust me, if I can do this, I know you can too!!

For those of you that have never trained for a competition, one of the most important things to do, if not the MOST important, is to hire a good trainer.  Of course, I will be using my trainer that I have trained with for over six years now and who successfully trained and prepared me for my first bodybuilding competition in 2010.  His name is Anthony Tiller and he owns his own gym in South Asheville, Underdog Fitness and Performance Training.  This photo above is me (at 45 years old) with Anthony in his gym the Monday after my competition.  He is not only a great trainer but a wonderful person too!  This past fall he received his bodybuilding professional card…..and that is a big deal!  We, his clients, are so proud of him!!  He, personally, has trained for many bodybuilding competitions…..he lives every day as a bodybuilder in training.  He will be providing me with a daily individual nutritional plan and strength training plan. The nutritional plan is basically the number of protein grams, carbohydrate grams, and fat grams I will need to get daily—it fluctuates depending on how my body is responding.   He almost always has several clients training at the same time for a competition, and he always stresses that each person is unique and, therefore, each has his/her own individualized plan.  He has had various clients that have competed every year in various bodybuilding competitions for as long as I have been working out at his gym.  He has had great success both personally and with his clients that have competed.  There are many trophies that have been earned by Anthony and his clients over the last 6 years—-and 4 of them are mine!  He is very knowledgable and stays current with nutritional plans and strength training plans.  You also need to look for a trainer that clicks with your personality.  Anthony is very calm and quite—he is quietly inspirational, and not a yeller (I am the loud one that is yelling & laughing, as well!).  He is always so positive and always quietly motivates me to give 100% every day.  I just know that I wouldn’t work well with someone that is loud and a screamer.  So, with all of this said, your choice of a trainer is key to your success—–mine was and is!! But, ultimately, you are the one that is responsible for your own success.  So, I leave you with a couple of quotes from Pinterest:  “Believe you can & you’re halfway there!” and “In order to succeed, you must first believe that you can.”  I believe I can do this!

And one last thing, if you are wandering, this is what I ate tonight before I start my training tomorrow… sweet husband made me chocolate chip cookies…..yummy!! Thanks Tim!