Gettin’ Fit While Traveling…..


Week 1                           Week 4


Week 1                            Week 4

I have now completed 4 weeks of my training.  As you can see from my photos, my body is changing!  I have lost almost 5 pounds (4.8 to be exact) and measured 16.3% body fat this past Monday which is down from 17.5% last week (down from 23.1% when I started my training).  And, interestingly enough, I haven’t done ANY cardio yet to have achieved these results!  Once again, it proves how important your food intake is in this process and in life in general.  Healthy food choices matter!

Last week, my husband, Tim, and I traveled to Orlando, Florida, for 4 days for a dental conference.  Although it can be challenging to travel when training, with some planning and organization, it CAN be done.  I packed several flavors of protein powder in ziploc bags, Clif Builder protein bars, and Turkey Perky Jerky in my carry on so I would have food on hand in the air.  On our trip down to Orlando, time allowed us to eat in the restaurant, Tequileria, in the Charlotte airport.  Although I was unable to locate their nutritional values online for their menu, I was able to find something that worked for me.  I ordered the shrimp tacos on corn tortillas with black beans as my side.  Using the app MyFitnessPal, I was able to look up and log what I ate.  Most chain restaurants do have the nutritional values listed online for their menus, so look it up before you order then you can be assured of the nutritional values and not have to guess or assume! In my suitcase, I packed more protein powder and my oat bran/oatmeal that I ate every morning.  We ordered coffee, hot water, and Tim’s breakfast every morning through room service.  Another good breakfast option is an egg white omelet or scrambled egg whites and wheat toast, and depending on your fat gram allowance, you can add some cheese to your omelet.  I actually had a piece of bacon a couple of mornings!  Most hotels and restaurants are happy to accommodate your special requests.  I did eat a lot of yummy grilled shrimp and fish dishes too for my other meals with a lot of steamed or sautéed veggies.

I was also able to get my workouts in while there.  Most hotels and resorts have fairly decent fitness centers.  Most have free weights and a majority of my strength training workouts only require free weights.  I had doubled up on my workouts one day before I left, so I didn’t workout on my travel day (Wednesday) to Orlando.  I was able to do my leg workout on Thursday and my tri’s/bi’s on Friday.

This coming week, I will be traveling again!  My husband is taking his staff to the Dominican Republic for some R&R.  So, I will let you know how it goes while training and eating in another country at an all-inclusive resort.  I am thinking that this trip might be a bit more challenging, especially since most all-inclusive resorts have unlimited food buffets and alcohol!  I have already verified that there is a fitness center.  Now I just need to get mentally prepared for all of the temptations that will be around me!! I think the resort will be making a lot more money on me than on those I will be traveling with……

I leave you with this quote: “Your body can stand almost anything.  It’s your mind that you have to convince”.

Week 1                Week 4

Week 1               Week 4


Gettin’ in a Groove…..


01/05/15 and 01/18/15


01/05/15 and 01/18/15

I now have 2 weeks of training behind me.  Above are my “before”( week 1) photos and my current photos (beginning of week 3).  I know there isn’t a huge visual change—it’s ever so slight.  On 01/05/15, as I stated in my first blog post, I had 23.1% body fat.  I am now down to 17.5% body fat, which is a HUGE difference!  My weight has only decreased slightly to 142.4 from 143.8, which is expected since my macros are still very high.  I think these first few weeks are considered the “bulking up” weeks.  My trainer only cut my carbs just a bit last week, but my fat and protein grams stayed the same.  And, believe it or not, I still haven’t done any cardio yet!  I am sure it’s coming soon though!

This week has been much easier for me to hit my daily macro numbers (Fat, Protein, & Carb grams)—hence, I’m getting used to what and when I need to eat—I’m “gettin’ in a groove”.  I have been viewing photos from my 2010 training and the 2010 competition, and I came across many cards of encouragement and congratulations.  One of the cards was from my trainer, Anthony, the day before the competition.  One sentence in his words of praise really struck me as I read it this morning:  “In the beginning I asked that you trust and believe in me and the process….and you absolutely did that!”  I really needed to read this today because I haven’t seen big changes in my body these first few weeks, which is what happened in 2010, and it is totally normal and expected.  Because I have done this before and I trust my trainer, I know and trust that the process works—-it really does!!  But, it was good for me to get this reminder—–have trust and patience in the system!  Also, please be sure to read the nice post on my Facebook wall from my trainer on Friday, January 16.  I leave you with this quote: “What you tell yourself every day will either lift you UP or tear you DOWN.”

Gettin’ Real……


Well… they are… first “Before” photos taken by my husband, Tim, on January 5, 2015.   This is where I am starting this time… these photos I weigh 143 pounds and have 23% body fat (and my numbers were even higher when I started my training for my first show in 2010).   To give you another perspective, at my leanest, I weighed 125 pounds and had 9% body fat on the day of my first bodybuilding competition in June 2010 (see photos from my 2nd blog post and my gallery below), and I only trained for 4 months (16 weeks).  It is just amazing to me what you can train your body to do in such a short amount of time—isn’t it? This time, I will be training for a total of 20 weeks. I am hoping to get even leaner than I did in 2010….we’ll see if that actually happens!  Go Lean or Go Home! Right?! Or is it “Go Big or Go Home?!  Hopefully, by June 13th, I will be LEAN with BIG muscles—that’s my goal anyway!

I have now completed my first week of training…..and I survived….but not without muscle soreness and constantly planning my food intake!  Actually, as far as my eating, my daily macros (the number of protein grams, carb grams, & fat grams I have to consume each day) were so high that it was difficult at times to hit my numbers especially since I am trying eat clean…’s really hard to eat that much “clean” food!  I definitely had to supplement with protein powder (and some not so clean fat) and will continue supplementing with protein powder throughout my training mainly because you can get in a lot of protein grams without a lot fat and carbs.  I really tried to enjoy my high macros this week, though, because things are going to change really soon….as in this coming week!  My trainer is cutting my numbers starting tomorrow (Monday, January 12).  A big part being successful with meals is being prepared.  I didn’t do a great job this week but hope to do better as the weeks progress.  One tool that is very helpful to me in tracking my food is an app called My Fitness Pal.  It is a great app to help you keep track of the food you eat at each meal.  You can also track your exercise.  I use it throughout the day.  By entering my food intake each time I eat, I know exactly what my macro totals are at any given time during the day.  Earlier this week, I just didn’t get the bigger portion of my food eaten earlier in the day.  I typically ate about five times per day.  It’s helpful to get the majority in before dinner time—I like the philosophy of having my big meal at lunch.  Personally, I sleep better when I eat a lighter dinner.  And, I don’t usually eat anything after dinner.  One other part of my training is increasing my water intake.  For the entire 20 weeks I will be drinking a gallon (128 oz.) of water each day—-this wasn’t too hard for me since I was already drinking 64 ounces a day.  Within a week, I think your body gets used to drinking that much, so you aren’t having to go to the ladies room as often.

As as far as my strength training, I had a good week.  I worked a different muscle group each day, and my workouts didn’t take more than 40-45 minutes.  By the end of the week, there wasn’t one muscle in my body that wasn’t sore!!  In my opinion, sore is a good thing! And, my sorest muscles were my calves.  My Thursday leg day workout ended with 3 sets of 25 reps of single leg calf raises—-I haven’t done any calf raises in a few years, so they were very sore and are still a little sore today!  I didn’t do any cardio this week, but I bet that will also change this week!

Anyway, enough blogging for today…..onward and upward! Good win last night WCU Cats!  Go NC State!!!  Beat Duke and Carolina in the same week!


Gettin’ Focused with a Trainer…m

Betsy and Anthony3

Ok folks……it is time…..time to get focused…..with a trainer!  Tomorrow I will start my 5 month journey of training for my second bodybuilding competition.  I have been mentally preparing myself for this day to come for about 2 months now.  After my year long jubilee of eating and drinking anything and everything to celebrate my 50th, I am now ready to get focused and serious about what I am putting into my body.  I think my body is going to go into shock though!!  But, boy, it has been one heck of a ride—you only turn 50 once!  Because I have trained for a competition before, I know what to expect, but I have to admit though, at times, it can be challenging from both the food/nutrition side and the workout side.  We all love our little treats from time to time, but you just have to stay focused on your end goal—after all, it’s only 5 months, right?!.   It is amazing though how much better one feels when eating clean—–whole foods, whole grains, raw fruits, and no alcohol (or maybe a glass of champagne when my oldest son graduates this coming May with an Engineering degree form NC State and hopefully gets a job!), no white flour, no white sugar (only naturally occurring sugars), and no processed foods.  Trust me… will feel awesome!  You will sleep better and have tons of energy.  Here is a quote I found on Pinterest:  “Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.”  I hope I can inspire you to obtain your goals, specifically your fitness goals.  Trust me, if I can do this, I know you can too!!

For those of you that have never trained for a competition, one of the most important things to do, if not the MOST important, is to hire a good trainer.  Of course, I will be using my trainer that I have trained with for over six years now and who successfully trained and prepared me for my first bodybuilding competition in 2010.  His name is Anthony Tiller and he owns his own gym in South Asheville, Underdog Fitness and Performance Training.  This photo above is me (at 45 years old) with Anthony in his gym the Monday after my competition.  He is not only a great trainer but a wonderful person too!  This past fall he received his bodybuilding professional card…..and that is a big deal!  We, his clients, are so proud of him!!  He, personally, has trained for many bodybuilding competitions…..he lives every day as a bodybuilder in training.  He will be providing me with a daily individual nutritional plan and strength training plan. The nutritional plan is basically the number of protein grams, carbohydrate grams, and fat grams I will need to get daily—it fluctuates depending on how my body is responding.   He almost always has several clients training at the same time for a competition, and he always stresses that each person is unique and, therefore, each has his/her own individualized plan.  He has had various clients that have competed every year in various bodybuilding competitions for as long as I have been working out at his gym.  He has had great success both personally and with his clients that have competed.  There are many trophies that have been earned by Anthony and his clients over the last 6 years—-and 4 of them are mine!  He is very knowledgable and stays current with nutritional plans and strength training plans.  You also need to look for a trainer that clicks with your personality.  Anthony is very calm and quite—he is quietly inspirational, and not a yeller (I am the loud one that is yelling & laughing, as well!).  He is always so positive and always quietly motivates me to give 100% every day.  I just know that I wouldn’t work well with someone that is loud and a screamer.  So, with all of this said, your choice of a trainer is key to your success—–mine was and is!! But, ultimately, you are the one that is responsible for your own success.  So, I leave you with a couple of quotes from Pinterest:  “Believe you can & you’re halfway there!” and “In order to succeed, you must first believe that you can.”  I believe I can do this!

And one last thing, if you are wandering, this is what I ate tonight before I start my training tomorrow… sweet husband made me chocolate chip cookies…..yummy!! Thanks Tim!


Gettin’ Started……


Well….its 2 days after Christmas and I have decided to start a blog.  I hope I have what it takes to do this!  I hope you find my blog informative, helpful, and real.

I am a very active wife and mother of three wonderful sons. I celebrated my 50th birthday in October of 2014 in classic jubilee style—all year long! I have always been physically active most of my life, and I am an avid tennis player and enjoy working out with my friends. Now that I am 50, I have decided to get serious about my health and fitness while trying to keep it real and FUN! I have decided to train for my second bodybuilding competition (my first one was in 2010).   With my blog, I want to share my experience with you as I will chronicle my training in preparation for my competition in June of 2015.  I hope this blog will help educate and inspire you to reach your fitness goals–whatever they may be!